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Dear student,

You are welcome to apply for a place on the online Edexcel BTEC Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. The full fee for this one year online course is £900.00 plus the Edexcel enrollment fee of £145.40 (Upon completion of this course you will have the option to enroll on the extended diploma for an additional fee of £250 plus £20 Edexcel enrollment fee, which can be completed with a further four months study). The Extended Diploma is started once the Diploma is complete, so we enroll students on the Diploma first, then on the Extended Diploma once the Diploma modules have been passed.

The online course offers a window into the live lectures, broadcast from London, but recorded for viewing later if necessary. Any study materials other than slides and PDF case-studies, such as books or software, are not included in the tuition fees, although if students have access to the college in Barking, they are welcome to visit our own library.
We have a list of recommended books for the course, although others are equally suitable. Many suitable books can be found online, some for free and others for a monthly subscription to an online library – such as

Please see the current timetable:

On the 1st January 2015 Pearson Edexcel introduced a new entry requirement for this programme: That students who are non-native English speakers or who have not studied the final two years of school in English, can demonstrate capability in English at a standard commensurate to: IELTS 6.5 for a level 6 or 7 qualification. Please ensure you can provide evidence of your English language level, or evidence that your secondary school education was in English.

Regarding the time for each unit, this varies according to the credit value of each unit. A 10 credit unit is expected to take 100 hours to complete, in total. has all of the units and their credit values listed. If you click on the unit codes, a unit specification document will appear which mentioned the guided learning hours (usually 30 – 40% of total), which is the ‘in class’ time and the time reading literature/viewing videos that tutors have selected for students. The rest of the time is spent with wider reading, engagement with discussion forums and preparation of assignments.

It is not possible to complete the diploma or extended diploma programmes in less than six months. It may take up to 18 months, depending on a student’s ability to work independently and undertake multiple assignments simultaneously.

You may be exempt from studying some of the units, depending on which ones you already have certificates for. Please send me your certificate to make an assessment and to offer you a discounted fee, if this applies to you. Also, please read

All assessment is through written assignments, to produce evidence of fulfillment of the assessment criteria. These can be viewed at

Payments can be in installments, as long as the first payment is £239.80, then £100 per month thereafter, until full fees have been paid.

Successful overseas students of the Extended Diploma are then eligible to apply (through us) to Cardiff Metropolitan University, who will allow you to complete the MBA dissertation with a compulsory Research Methods unit. There are two options for this:
1) Come to another country where a weekend intensive Research Methods course is being run, then complete the Dissertation at home.
2) Study the weekend intensive Research Methods course in your own country, then complete the dissertation at home.
Both these options are subject to a minimum number of students wanting to start the Top-up MBA at the same time and place.

The cost for this Advanced Entry MBA is £3750.

Please complete the application form at

LCB works only with Marketing Agents listed on our website ( Agents have no role to play in admission to the programme, nor in your education. No payment should be made to any agent. Please read the Marketing Agent Code of Conduct Only the information contained in our brochures and website can be considered accurate information about the programme. Please help us to improve our marketing and admissions service by completing this anonymous feedback form

I look forward to hearing from you.


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